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Kathleen A. Baxter
Professional Mangrove Trimming
Qualification MTQ-001
David R. Baxter, Jr.
Vice President
Professional Mangrove Trimming
Qualification MTQ-050

Jennifer C. DelVecchio
General Manager

Michele Gordon
Assistant to Ms. Baxter

Mangrove Trimming, Permitting, and Consulting

Mangrove Trimming and Permitting

mangrove trimming, shoreline restoration, shoreline enhancementmangrove trimming, shoreline restoration, shoreline enhancementrip rap repair, wetland mitigation, brackish mitigationIn many cases, trimming may be performed by Coastal Planting Service without the necessity of a permit if the appropriate site criteria is in place. A free inspection of your property is all that is needed to determine whether a permit is needed. If a permit is required, we can easily facilitate the process due to our Professional Mangrove Trimming Qualification (MTQ-001) and our 30 years of experience in the field of mangrove permitting and trimming.

Our maintenance trimming programs include removal of trash that may float onto your property, as well as removal of exotic, non-protected, or noxious vegetation, including vines which frequently colonize mangrove shorelines. We also provide free consultation for any waterfront issues that may arise on your property.

Our Letters of Recommendation Include the Following:

"Dear Ms. Baxter:
Thank you for taking time from your busy day to share your knowledge of Mangroves and wetland trees with our staff. Our Staff was impressed with all of the wetlands trees that were identified from only trunk remains. The information you provided about bark and sub bark characteristics was very educational and informative."
– Mary C. Figueira, Program Administrator, Environmental Resource Protection, Department of Environmental Protection
"Dear Kathleen:
I want to thank you very much for your involvement in the Mangrove Maintenance Short Course. Your talk on Mangrove Trimming Methodology was very informative and very well-received. Twenty-eight people completed the program evaluation. Of those, 100% said the information was very useful. Thanks again."
– Charles Yurgalevitch, Ph.D., Commercial Urban Horticulture Agent, University of Florida Extension Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences