Coastal Planting Service, Inc.
Jupiter, FL
Phone: 561-747-3436
Kathleen A. Baxter
Professional Mangrove Trimming
Qualification MTQ-001
David R. Baxter, Jr.
Vice President
Professional Mangrove Trimming
Qualification MTQ-050

Jennifer C. DelVecchio
General Manager

Michele Gordon
Assistant to Ms. Baxter


Coastal Planting Service, Inc.

mangrove trimming, shoreline restoration, shoreline enhancementNo other company that trims mangroves can claim they have the longevity or experience of Coastal Planting Service. Established in 1981, we are the only full-service mangrove specialty company serving Southeast Florida.

As specialists, licensed in the State of Florida, we believe we provide a better product, as well as peace of mind that you are within the Florida Laws that govern mangrove trimming. As you may or may not know, mangroves are protected under the 1996 Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act. As such, there are rules and regulations on how they may be trimmed, and who may do the trimming under specific site conditions. There are fines and/or penalties levied against the property owner for violations if these regulations are not followed. We take great pride in our work and strive to achieve a helpful and gratifying relationship with our clients.

Kathleen A. Baxter, founder and owner of Coastal Planting Service, served by personal request of the late Governor Chiles on the Mangrove Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) which was given the task of writing the 1996 Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act (1996 MTPA) which presently governs mangrove trimming. When canvassing the Department of Environmental Protection offices State wide, she had been recommended to him by every DEP office he contacted within Florida as "the" expert on mangrove trimming.

The Department of Environmental Protection again contacted Ms. Baxter when they produced the "Mangrove Trimming Guidelines for Homeowners". The majority of the photos within that informative booklet were taken from sites that Coastal Planting Service maintains. Much of the mangrove trimming methodology referenced within that booklet was provided by Ms. Baxter, in correlation with the 1996 MTPA.